The pace is glacial, as it appears, still, no movement...

I wish things were in motion, but they have stagnated. Stranded like ice blocks in a windless open field. BUT! There are many new works being made, trust in me. My pace at which I update this site is very glacial. I promise to get back to it soon. I plan to post more pieces for sale, news updates, and imagery galore. For now, here is a piece I was quite fond of from 2016. The Pace is Glacial. found magazine cut out with mixed media and colored tape. On mince meat with wood shavings. Glued and Modge Podged.

The pace is glacial WEBSITE SIZE.jpg

Thrasher Magazine!


I am currently featured in the April issue of the legendary Thrasher skateboarding magazine! I am so stoked and honored to be part of this. I have been skateboarding regularly since 1986. I have never stopped. My old bones can still take a beating, but I keep it pretty low key these days. Thrasher runs a section in the mag every month called "Canvas". They profiled me and my works in this current issue. Two page spread! What?!! So rad. Check it out at yr local newsstand or magazine shop -- Thrasher can be easily found, even at the supermarket. Hell yeah!