The band Mutemath recently released their newest album VITALS, and guess what? I did the cover art! The band also used several of my pieces for the layout and insert design on the CD version. Prior to working on this project, I'd never heard of this band before. Really, truth be told, I generally follow many bands, and I always make concerted efforts to stay abreast of new releases, tours, singles, etc...I am into a lot of different sounds, mostly shit nobody has ever heard of. Mutemath had successfully evaded my radar. But somehow, somewhere, thru the etherspace that we crawl into every time we switch on our machines, they found me. I was contacted by the band's manager and subsequently put into contact with lead man Paul Meaney. We spoke on the phone and he asked me about my processes, etc...I agreed to make custom art for the band to use for cover designs, promotions, etc...I was beyond stoked to see this final product -- tweaked a bit for layout purposes, but wholly my own art and design.  Sometimes these awesome little projects come my way, and I am always grateful for them. Thanks, MUTEMATH!!